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Como a devoção a uma santa indígena levou um jovem à vocação dominicana

Um depoimento interessantíssimo que li no Twitter de um jovem padre dominicano dos EUA: 

My devotion to St. Kateri Tekakwitha, or “How a Random Encounter with a Saint Changed My Life and Forced Me to Discern My Vocation Seriously:” A thread

In 2008, I started teaching 7th grade at St. Michael Indian School on the Navajo Reservation. Fresh out of college, untrained to be a teacher, moving to a new place, struggling deeply with sin, & desiring to give my life to Christ, I arrived on the Rez with a lot on my plate.

I went to the Reservation because I made a deal with God. I would give Him one year of service to the poor & daily prayer. In exchange, at the end of the year, unless led otherwise, I will stop discerning priesthood, get married, have 5 kids, & live an upper, middle-class life.

My 1st day on campus, I saw this beautiful statue of a Native American woman named “Blessed Kateri.” I had never heard of her. As a Catholic, I figured it was good to have saints interceding on my behalf, so, knowing nothing about her, I began praying for her intercession.

Within a few weeks of being on the Reservation, teaching, & praying everyday — simple prayer life really, back then, Rosary and Scripture in the morning, examination of conscience & bedtime prayers in the evening — my life began to unravel in the most delightful ways.

The sins which had so enamored me became less attractive, even repugnant. The desire to be a priest, which I had rejected & resisted for years, was increasingly the only thing that made sense. Mass, which was something I always did, now became the absolute center of my life.

Everyday I prayed for the intercession of this saint I hardly knew: Blessed Kateri. Finally, I relented and started to research her life. What I discovered me inspires me to this day. Orphaned at a young age & under immense pressure to do otherwise, she gave her life to Christ.

Her life was totally different from my own, but her complete desire to give all things to Jesus resounded in my heart. She was praying for me and challenging me to imitate her total gift of self and everyday she watched over me as I walked into & out of school under her statue.

I still pray with St. Kateri each day. Now, I pray for those on the Navajo Reservation who struggle with poverty and all of the ill effects that systemic poverty brings on a community. I have especially prayed for the Navajo as they’ve been wracked by COVID-19.

In the end, the saints are our advocates, our friends, our brothers and sisters whose prayers echo eternally in the presence of God. I hope you will find a saint like St. Kateri who can help lead you from where you are to where God wants you to be next.
St. Kateri, pray for us.

Tweetado pelo Pe. Patrick Hyde, OP (@frpatrickop) em 14/07/2020.

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Vigília no meio da pandemia

Espiritualidade Liturgia Pastoral

Via Sacra e Paixão e Morte do Senhor

Texto da Via Sacra.

Espiritualidade Liturgia Pastoral

Quinta-feira na Ceia do Senhor (ao vivo)


Apresentação da edição em volume único das Meditações de Santo Afonso Maria de Ligório

Essa obra pode ser comprada aqui (recomendo uma olhada em todo o resto do catálogo).

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Esquerdistas fogem da Eucaristia

Vejam o que aconteceu quando uma procissão com o Santíssimo, patrocinada pela Associação Católica da Universidade de Sydney (Austrália), bateu de frente com dois esquerdistas preparados para propagandear seus erros:

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A Espiritualidade da Liturgia

Aula da Profa. Dra. Irmã Anna Maria Fedeli (Ivone Fedeli):

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Loreto: Milagre e Mistério

No dia 10 de dezembro celebra-se a Translação da Santa Casa de Loreto. Segundo a tradição, a Casa na qual viveu a Sagrada Família foi milagrosamente transportada pelos anjos de Nazaré, na Galileia, para Loreto, na Itália.

Há quem considere tudo isso uma lenda absurda e que, na verdade, com a invasão dos muçulmanos, a Casa foi transportada pelos cruzados para a Itália.

Na transmissão ao vivo de hoje, com Padre Paulo Ricardo, você vai conhecer os dados arqueológicos que mostram o contrário (foram os anjos mesmo!) e como o Milagre da pequena Casa ilumina enormemente o Mistério do Natal.